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Official news and announcements.
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By Retsnom a Jul 31, 15
Lightly Moderated section, chat about anything.
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By Ronny McGangbang Aug 9, 14
Inner Clan discussions, Tactics Strategies Complaints
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By Tuxy Nov 30, 15
Apply here to become a |ĶأĻă| and welcome new members.
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By Ahab the Arab Aug 14, 16
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
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Server Information and Server Rules
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By Retsnom a Aug 21, 16
All things Chivalry-
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By Castamere a Nov 30, 15
Come here to request a clan battle.
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By Retsnom a Feb 27, 13
Did you get banned and want it over turned? State your case for unbanning here. All reasonable requests will be considered. Please include your Steam ID and all information including the admin.
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By Halt Hammerzeit Apr 17, 13
Chivalry Technical support - Hardware -Tweaks -Help
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By Retsnom a Nov 4, 15
Age of Chivalry
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Server Rules, Current Admins,and Clan Matters
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By Retsnom a Oct 18, 12
Chat about anything AOC related!
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By Retsnom a Aug 23, 13
Request a scrim or clan match with Kila!
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There are no new posts
Request to be unbanned and or to report server abuse, cheats/hacks, and Team Killers (tkers) even by admins.
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By Retsnom a Oct 19, 12
Need help with fixing your rates, graphics and any other computer or gaming related issues.
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By Retsnom a Sep 4, 12
This area is to assist new and old admins to learn about commands and proper use of being an admin.
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By Retsnom a Oct 19, 12
Space Engineers
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Dedicated to Space Engineers players.
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By killercam2000 a Aug 17, 16
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Welcome to our latest member Ahab the Arab registered Aug 14, 16